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The Vrbensko Brdo pasture covers an area of ​​451.4 ha, where 1800 sheep can be harvested. It is about 1800 m above sea level. Current users are farmers from the villages of Debresh, Vrben and Duf, which are causing about 1100 heads of small cattle. There is a road leading to the pasture road with an off-road vehicle. From the aspect of grassland quality, the species Poaceae are dominant with almost 100%. The presence of juniper is noticeable especially in the lower, lower parts of the pasture, which for a long time do not get caught or used with much lower intensity. The object of the sheepfold within the Vinnensko Brdo was made by the Public Enterprise for Pasture Management and is a good example of the part where the shepherds are located during the summer period when the sheep are on summer graze. A water source is about 1.5 km from the sheepfold, where the water is first filled in a plastic canister and through the hose system it is carried to the sheepfold. This water serves exclusively for shepherds for personal hygiene. Its needs with water are exceeded by sheep from the Bunechka River, which is adjacent to the sheepfold. The hammer does not have water, there is no pool for disinfection of the sheep, nor any source of electricity.

The lintel Ulazna is managed by cattle farmers from the village. Forinos with 300 sheep, located in the immediate vicinity of the Mavrovo Lake at an altitude of 1227 m. The objects present are built unplanned, with materials that allow partial protection of the livestock in times of weather conditions. The same is the situation with the part / trills where the sheep are located: uninfected fence material from different branches that are collected from the surrounding forest. The hammer does not have water, water bodies, access to electricity, or a pool for disinfecting the sheep.