Pasista – Pastures



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Pastures in the Lera complex occupy an area of ​​692.96 ha and have a capacity of 2400 sheep. They are located at an altitude between 1797 and 2075 m. To the pastures leads an unpaved road that is reached by a terrain vehicle. The current utilization of the pastures is with 1250 sheep with herdsmen from Gostivar, Bogdevo and Forino. Vegetation is almost 100% grass species. The spraying is also present here as an invasive species.
The first sheep is located at an altitude of 1895 m and is 1000 sheep. The hammer has an access road in one part of the pasture to the sheepfish, a sheep disinfection pool, a pool for disinfecting the sheep’s sheeps. There is water in the sheep, but there are no watercourses. There is no electricity in this batch. Above the sheep in the area called Bogdevski atar dominates the herbaceous species Festuca panniculata.

The sheepfold has no water or a disinfection pool. Although the trills are in good hygienic condition, large quantities of manure harvested periodically do not disperse in the pastures, but are kept in the immediate vicinity of the sheepfold. And this building has no electricity.